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Give your users the best experience
of payment and validation

The simplest user path is in Witick: ticket sales, open payment, subscriptions...
Install Witick on your network in less than two weeks.

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700 000


20 millions

trips made


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Icon of a green plant Convenient

No more unnecessary printing of paper, the ticket is dematerialized.

Accessibility icon Accessible application

The application is available in audio-description, the colors and texts are adaptive according to the user's profile.

Icon of a thumb in the air Easy to install in your network

Installation in two weeks, watch in hand!

Icon of a rocket Compatible with all price ranges

Unitary, daily, subscription, pay as you go...
Witick adapts to your ticketing policies and to the social profiles of your users.

Why Witick?

Witick technology

Bluetooth icon

Why the Bluetooth Low Energy?

Compatible with 100% of smartphones, Bluetooth is a universal technology that allows all users to validate a ticket when approaching the validator.
The effective validation distance (from 20 cm to 20 m from the box) is configurable.

Icon of a patent

Patented technology

Witick's Bluetooth validation technology was researched and developed over two years and is now patented.

Icon of a Witick box

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons made in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

The beacons installed in each vehicle are entirely designed and manufactured in France.

The future is already in your hands πŸš€

Conference / event pass

Sell and send thousands of tickets in a few clicks.

Time saving

Choose the type of pass you want to issue and import the list of beneficiaries. Each participant will be notified and receive their ticket directly in Witick.

No more logistical problems

Say goodbye to sending tickets by post.


Save time and money by using Witick conference / event passes.

Image of a congress pass ticket

Origin -> Destination

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the origin-destination routes are known. When the user gets out of the vehicle and leaves the Bluetooth range, the application identifies the user's destination stop. All this is more reliable than with GPS technology.

Several routes displayed on a map
Image of a smartphone communicating with a Witick box via Bluetooth

Pay as you go / Open payment

The user enters his payment method in the application, then validates each time he gets into a vehicle. At the end of the chosen period (day, week or month), the user is automatically debited according to their consumption. Moreover, Witick open payment is less expensive than EMV solutions.

Price range to suit everyone

Witick application is able to take into account the user’s profile and thus provide appropriate pricing.

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Available on iOS and Android

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